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Value ed On-The-Go

"If you know your why, you can bear your how."
- James Lawrence

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Comprehensive exploration into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Support Group

Business & Executive Coaching

Everybody needs a coach. Someone who can reflect back to you, your aspirations and hopes.

Signing Contract

Digital Biz CEO

Learn how to build an online business 

Judge Gavel

Law Of Consent

This course is for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the law regarding consent and discrimination

Supportive Friend

 Mental Health & Wellness 

Join us as we go in depth regarding the ways of valuing your mental health

Womens Hygiene

Period Poverty

Understanding and addressing the Menstrual Cycle

Zooming on Tablet

 Social Media & Personal Branding

Join us to build your personal brand

Young Business Owner


Learn how to navigate the world of business.


 Building Sales

Building relationships and connections can advance your personal career, ambitions and your business aspirations.

Accountant at Work

Business Finance

For entrepreneurs & those dreaming of starting their own business.

A Supportive Hug

 Exploring Relationships

As humans we have a deep desire to connect and have healthy relationships.

Analyzing the data


Upskill yourself with the tools to navigate the modern marketing industry 

Business Meeting

 Navigating Your Job Search

Meaningfully take your career transition into your own hands.

Wild Flowers

 Permission to Thrive

Design the life you want

Teacher Assisting a Student

 Teachers & Educators

Subject matter experts detail specific topics to help you and your students/youth

Classroom Lecture

Valued Teens

South African teens face unique sets of problems and Valued teens will provide a  platform to discuss these hardships.


 Bullying Awareness

The next generation will be raised without knowing the consequences of bullying.


Film Production


How To Monetise Your Creativity & Grow Businesses

Vase of Flowers


Join us on the journey to your happiness

Giving a Presentation

Media 101

Meaningfully take your career transition into your own hands.

Man at his Desk

New Connected Technologies

Empower young people & foster innovation

Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 11.36.36.png


Join our experts who will enlighten you on the career path they have chosen

Empty Locker Room

 The Change

This is for new graduates and university students reaching the end of their education journey

Job Interview


Join our experts who will enlighten you on the career path they have chosen.


Online Course

Ready To Achieve Your Goals?

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