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We Inspire Better Choices To Build Tomorrow

Develop New Skills, Develop Existing Skills & Find Your Purpose

The youth are facing great challenges today. There is a gap between the youth and accessing skills from inspirational role models. There is also a need for young people to continuously learn and upskill themselves.

At Value ed we help you, the youth, develop skills and find your passion and your purpose during these difficult times. 


Join us as we help you navigate your career journey.

We Are A Level 1 BBBEE Company

Sponsor Our Courses & Events

Our 16+ courses enable to the youth to skill themselves in a variety of disciplines taught by industry experts. We are looking for 4 Key Partners who would be willing to sponsor our courses at R10 000 per Partner.

Benefits Of Becoming A Sponsor

  • Logo and acknowledgement at every event

  • Allocation of guest speakers by partners

  • Decide & define subjects and topics

  • Your employees gain access to our 16+ courses and events (numbers to be decided)

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Vikela Rankin

Self Mastery Course

Copy of Self- Mastery Course April 2022.jpg

Self Mastery Course

How Your Sponsorship Will Help

  • Key note speakers and Industry experts to be remunerated for their support

  • Transport and accommodation during face to face sessions in outlying areas

  • Guests to receive gift for their time spent


Sponsor Women of Valour

Sponsor Men Of Value

We are looking for 4 Key Partners who would be willing to sponsor our initiatives at R10 000 per Partner.

About The Events

Celebrating Women Program 26th May (3).jpg
  • The Men of Value and Celebrating Women Event is FREE and for all, both Men and Women to attend

  • These events are live & interactive on Zoom

Men of Value

Your Help Matters

These events deal with suicide, depression, mental health & gender based violence and aim to give women a voice and men an understanding of their positive role in society.

We need your help. Many hands working together will turn this current situation around in South Africa and Globally.

Sponsor Our Events

Mogul Masterclass

The Mogul Masterclass Is Designed To Show Value edians How To Apply Or Implement A Specific Subject Matter Such As Starting A Tech Company.

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Copy of Career Discussion Academy.jpg

Career Discussion Academy

The Career Discussion Academy Is Designed To Enable Value edians Who Attend The Session To Learn About The Careers Of The Guests And Also Learn About The Career Paths, The Journey And The Experiences They Had To Get To Where They Are.

Leadership Masterclass

Our Leadership Masterclass Is Designed To Give Value edians A Macro Economic View Of Industry And Sector-Specific Challenges And Opportunities

Leadership masterclass.jpg

We are looking for 4 Key Partners who would be willing to sponsor our initiatives at R10 000 per Partner.


We are building businesses with our beneficiaries

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We are supplying resources & skills to our young entrepreneurs

Click below to learn about:


Workflow Guru

The creation of our podcasting business by a Value edian

The success of building businesses for our beneficiaries

The testimonial of our beneficiaries

Rebate Pricing
For Schools & Businesses


Our Patrons support and fund our Value edians by contributing R350 per month so they can attend our Courses and be skilled and inspired. We thank them immensely 

Please support our Youth by becoming a Patron and sponsoring a Value ed membership for just R350 a month. #TalkLessActMore

Dr. Lipalo Mokete

Maybe commercial rebate pricing is more suited for your business. Give your students or employees access to over 16 live & interactive courses, our library of past recorded content and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Our normal price is R350/pm but you can receive an up to 85% discount with rebate pricing.

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