Marketing Course

Catherine Makumsha

Catherine Makumsha is a marketing specialist with over 16 years of experience in marketing and brand marketing. As well as 6 years of experience in sales.

Work-Readiness & Relationships

Stacey Fong

Stacey Fong is a Career Development Practitioner & Counselling Psychologist

She has experience working with students and the youth during her time at UJ.

Programming Our Connected World Course

Allan Rankin

Allan Rankin is the founder and Managing Director of Target3D, a new emerging technology company focusing on 3D technologies.

He built the Target3d team to offer cutting edge solutions from a range of manufacturers who collaborate across numerous industries, including the automotive, serious gaming and creative sectors.

Networking Program

Alison Holmes

For the last 25 years, Alison Holmes has been learning the art of Networking, which has lead her to gain more sales, referrals and secure great speaking slots. Her passion lies in helping people overcome their fears of networking, win sales (without selling) and create opportunities.

Preparing for Higher Education & New Graduate Programs

Tracy Shigoli

Nine years experience in recruitment and onboarding, benefits and compensation administration, performance management, HRIS and LMS support, and a whole lot of learning.

Navigating Your Job Search Program

Elise (Ronquest) McCabe

Elise (Ronquest) McCabe is the managing director of 'Career Management Consulting PTY (LTD)'.

She's a specialist in outplacement and career transitioning.

She is passionate about assisting job and work-seekers across all business and job levels by sharing knowledge, experience, guidance and providing them with the necessary tools.

She is experienced in knowing what businesses, entrepreneurs, and jobs are looking for. This will increase your chance of transitioning or finding a job.

Valued Teens & Saturday Fun Programs

Minadia Mbali Thusi

I am Minadia Mbali Thusi and I have been a teen and have experienced a lot of the pros and cons that come with being a teenager. I am currently a Primary School Teachers at St. Peters School.

In my teenage years, I have encountered and witnessed social media disadvantages, bullying and peer pressure etc. I am equipped with understanding and empathy towards problems that teenagers face.

Social Media & Personal Branding Course

Refilwe Digoamaje

Founder of Nawiri. Refilwe guides individuals through the process of living and working purposefully towards their vision of what success is.