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JD Creations

AI & Automation Powered Digital Marketing


About The Business

JD Creations is a Digital Marketing agency that's been around since 2019. If you have a business or are thinking of starting one, we use AI and automation to deliver your marketing & save you time at rapid speeds with high quality outputs.

Equipped with innovative design, cutting-edge technology, & professional skills, our team is a game changer in digital marketing. We are uplifting Africa by creating capabilities for advancement in the Digital Economy.

We believe that excellence, curiosity, openness, and community are the keys to success.

About The Founder(s)

Josh Dylan

I am an entrepreneur & creative problem solver. I am passionate about using my talents to uplift the African continent & I believe we have access to more opportunities than ever before. It iss time for us to seize this opportunity.

Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of working with brands such as South Africa Fashion Week, Mini Cooper, Daniel Wellington, and Lasher Tools. I've won awards for my work, including first place in the emerging talent segment of The Bokeh Fashion Film Festival and the Business Systems Africa Team prize at the University of Witwatersrand.

But my biggest passion and purpose is to inspire, equip, and motivate young people to participate in our attention-driven economy through JD Creations. I founded this business to make a real impact on the African continent, and I'm always seeking new skills and resources to help others fulfill their purpose.

Over time I realised that it is not only businesses that have a need to be connected but also individuals. This idea, combined with a shift in culture is needed for Africa to become a global superpower, and this vision can only be achieved through collaboration. That's why I founded the CreatreCommunity, where we coach, connect, and cultivate African entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives. Our goal is to teach and provide opportunities for our people to connect themselves to the digital economy, through online courses, networking events, and podcasts.

I hope that you will join me in this mission to establish Africa as a force to be reckoned with. Join the #AfricanWave

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