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Financial Literacy




12 Weeks


About the Course

Neil Robinson presents a comprehensive Financial Literacy course on Value ed Academy, specifically designed to empower young South Africans. Recognizing a gap in traditional education, Neil bridges this divide by offering crucial skills in personal finance, often untaught in schools. The course comprises five engaging modules, including Personal Finance Fundamentals for South Africans, Investing for Wealth Creation, Retirement Planning, Risk Management and Insurance, and Estate Planning and Management. Join this enriching journey to financial savvy, tailored for the modern world.

Neil Robertson

Your Instructor

Neil Robertson

Neil Robinson is a committed investment professional who is passionate about extending his knowledge and hands-on expertise in the field. With four years of intensive academic training, he is eager to continue expanding his horizons while imparting his insights to others as a mentor.

His motto, "Dreams can be realized if you have the heart for it. Just as the thought of all created things were in the heart before it was actually made," propels him to strive for excellence in all his endeavors. Neil invites connections to explore how he can assist others in achieving their investment goals.

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