Use the Value ed Platform as a way to digitise your business and bring it online. The world is currently going digital with online events increasing by 40% in the last two years. Your business can reach new audiences, scale and Value ed will do all the work for you.


Why Use Value ed

We can:

Host your events

Arrange your Zoom events

Develop posters for your events

Publicize your events (social media)

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Vikela Rankin

Self Mastery Course

Benefits To You

Some of these benefits are:

Digitising your business with support

Hosting and facilitating of your online events

Digital marketing support

Platform Pricing

Your students will gain access to over 16 live & interactive courses, networking opportunities with industry leaders and our library of past recorded content.

Our regular price is R350/pm per person. Receive up to an 85% discount with bulk pricing.

R20 000 p/m

200-500 Students

R100 per student

R35 000 p/m

500-1000 Students

R70 per student

R45 000 p/m

1000+ Students

R45 per student

If you are interested in our pricing click below to find out more

We Are A Level 1 BBBEE Company
Bulk Pricing
For Schools, Organisations & Companies

Give your students or employees access to over 16 live & interactive courses, our library of past recorded content and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Our normal price is R350/pm but you can receive an up to 85% discount with bulk pricing.

Sponsorship For Courses & Events

Sponsorship might be better suited for your business. We are looking for Key Sponsors for our courses and events.

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Self Mastery Course

Benefits to the sponsor
  • Logo and acknowledgement at every event

  • Allocation of guest speakers by partners

  • Decide & define subjects and topics


Our Patrons support and fund our Value edians by contributing R350 per month so they can attend our Courses and be skilled and inspired. We thank them immensely 

Please support our Youth by becoming a Patron and sponsoring a Value ed membership for just R350 a month. Click Below #TalkLessActMore

Dr. Lipalo Mokete