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Period Positivity




2 Weeks


About the Course

A comprehensive course that enlightens learners about this global issue impacting millions. This course dives into period poverty's origins, its social, cultural contributors, and its effects on health, education, and economic empowerment. Learners will explore strategies to combat period poverty, including activism, community initiatives, policy advocacy, and social entrepreneurship.

By the course's end, learners will be equipped to act against period poverty in their communities or organizations, making this course ideal for those passionate about gender equality and social justice.

Candice Chirwa

Your Instructor

Candice Chirwa

Candice Chirwa is an author, gender activist, and thought leader. Better known as the Minister of Menstruation, her activism is led by the belief that women and girls deserve fundamental human rights. This has informed her academic background, as she educates the youth on menstruation, promotes Eduliftment with the award winning NGO, Qrate.

Candice is well known for being able to take social topics & influence people to speak openly about issues and empower themselves. She is on a mission to fiercely change the disempowering narrative around menstruation. Candice has been invited to speak on periods on platforms such as TEDx, Nedbank, Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke Institute, Oprah Winfrey School, African Women in Dialogue and others.

In 2018, Candice founded her award winning NPC, Qrate which serves communities in South Africa in providing #Eduliftment4Kids. Candice is also an author of two books: Perils of Patriarchy & Flow The Book about Menstruation.

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