Learn how to create content that offers value and watch your following grow.Whether you are trying to grow your business, find a job or give back to your community, this course will empower you with the tools to achieve your goals. Join us as we discover ways to make your content sustainable by creating content of value

This conference was held Live & Interactive via zoom. However, we have recorded previous conferences which can be purchased below as a part of our On-The-Go offering.


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Value ed's Work Readiness Course has been developed to assist young employees and job seekers to enhance their own career development

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Building Sales Relationships

This program will teach you the art and skills of, what to do when attending professional association events.

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New Connected Technologies

Value ed's Programming Course has been developed by leaders in the international tech space to empower young people & foster innovation 

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Navigating Your Job Search

This program is designed to enable you to create a proactive plan so that you can meaningfully take your career transition into your own hands.