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Cost: R150 p/m | Duration: Ongoing | Sessions: 2 p/m

The world, South Africa more specifically, expects men to become products of a society we haven’t built.

We are constantly told that our boys, young men, fathers, uncles and brothers have to be more responsible and better and yet the efforts are minimal in creating such Men.


More intentional and efforts of mass influence can and HAVE to be brought to the fore. 


We have been working with young men and women to develop and heighten their level of self-appreciation and self development. This is the next step in creating Men of Value.

R150 P/M

Intentionally building a generation and society of the type of men needed to take South Africa to the next level. Ensuring young boys and men are groomed into responsible, accountable and respectful members of society.

Cracked Earth

The Men of Value program will be conducted through a series of events in which both men and women will be invited in order to listen, solution, spiritually connect to the significance of the role of men to support society broadly. 

We believe in deep and meaningful conversations with no judgement to be had. 

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Dumisa Rankin - Co-founder at JD Creations

Derick Mzonelli - Passionate Father of 2

Paledi Makhoba - CEO at Mastery Media, Passionate Father of 1

Craig Wilkinson - How do you help others behave correctly

Craig Wilkinson - Why can't men speak out

Craig Wilkinson - What does it mean to be a man





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  • 2x Men of value sessions per month.

  • Guest speakers will attend on occasion.

Intentionally influencing Men to heighten their sense of self-appreciation and self-development.



Would you, as a Father, like to podcast with your son, daughter or both? Use it as a means of connecting and building a stronger relationship. 

It would be for your private use only.


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